Brothers of the Rite

Brothers of the Rite

A Scottish Rite Club with a targeted, innovative approach to promote exposure and raise awareness of Scottish Rite and Freemasonry. We are attracting & retaining new membership, especially younger generations and the young at heart. We are also breathing new life and engagement into the current membership by doing something completely different!

Requirement for membership

 Each prospective member will:

  • Be a member in good standing in Scottish Rite
  • Adopt a Scottish Rite Name (from the various degrees of Scottish Rite)
  • Need to purchase a designated shirt with Logo, SR name and BOR on the sleeve
  • Need to attend and successfully partake in the initiation ceremony

The Ceremony Focus

Have fun and leave an impression that will help to recruit and retain members that are young and young at heart.
During our ceremonies and fellowship, we will reflect on our past Masonic experiences and renew our commitments that we have made to each other and to our creator.
We also hope to reflect on one of the most personal events that we will each need to face in our life and that is our death.


The structure, as well as the ceremonies and events, are set up to accommodate the lifestyles of the younger generations and others that labor and interact in this fast-paced informational society.

There are:

  • No formal dues (This is a benefit of being a member of Scottish Rite NMJ)
  • No formal business meetings
  • An informal structure