Lodge of perfection

Lighthouse Lodge of Perfection (4°-14°)

The Lodge of Perfection confers the Ineffable Degrees, from the 4° to the 14° inclusive. They are called “Ineffable” because they are concerned with the ineffable or unutterable Name of God and with man’s eager quest for the true Name. In these eleven degrees, there is a profound unveiling of the character and purposes of God, “that high and holy One who inhabits eternity but dwells with him also that is of a contrite and humble spirit.”

In formal ritual and in drama, ten of these degrees, based upon Old Testament Scripture and legends from the era of King Solomon, elaborate the teachings of Symbolic Masonry and apply them to practical situations which are faced in everyday life. The Fourteenth Degree summarizes what has been taught and is a moral and philosophical climax.

Important practical lessons are taught in the eleven Ineffable Degrees: secrecy and silence in all confidential relationships; reverence and obedience to God; faithfulness to family and country; justice tempered by mercy; universal brotherhood; honesty in business relations; forgiveness of past injustices; and perseverance in overcoming the difficulties encountered in our progress toward Perfection. The honor of Masonry is placed in the hands of those who seek Perfection in character and who reverence the Ineffable Name of God.

Degree Leadership

Thrice Potent MasterChristopher P. Hokenson, MSA
Deputy MasterBarrett R. Engle, MSA
Senior WardenAdam D. Holloway, MSA
Junior WardenErik Booth
Thrice Potent MasterAndrew C. Martin, MSA
Deputy MasterDonald B. Ferguson, MSA
Senior WardenHarry J. Rodgers, MSA
Thrice Potent MasterRussell G. Tiedman, MSA
Deputy MasterKirk J. Bielskis
Senior WardenRichard B. Fletcher Jr.
Junior WardenChristopher A. Sova
OratorMitchel R. Patchkowski
Thrice Potent MasterJames R. Peterman Jr., MSA
Deputy MasterColin R. Cruttenden
Senior WardenAndrew J. McNay
Junior WardenOmar H. Flores
OratorBryon D. Senzig
Thrice Potent MasterThomas F. Campbell II
Deputy MasterCarl R. Grant
Princes of Jerusalim

Superior Council Princes of Jerusalem (15°-16°)

The two Historical Degrees conferred in a Council of Princes of Jerusalem cover the period from 538 to B.C. 516. They deal with persons and events connected with the end of the Babylonian Captivity of Israel, the return of some of the captives of Jerusalem, and the rebuilding of the Temple.

In the 15°, KNIGHT OF THE EAST OR SWORD, Zerubbabel, a Jewish captive, wins the favor of King Cyrus and the release of the Jews from captivity. Years later, in the 16°, PRINCE OF JERUSALEM, Zerubbabel returns to Babylon to plead with King Darius for military protection against the enemies of Israel and for more generous assistance in the rebuilding of the Temple. His skill in debate and his courage and integrity inspire Darius to grant his petitions. These degrees teach loyalty to conviction in the face of temptation, fidelity to duty in spite of hardships, and a devotion to Truth which is mighty above all things and which ultimately must prevail in the councils of mankind.

Degree Leadership

Sovereign PrinceJohn E. Tincher
High PriestDavid E. Edie
Senior WardenLawrence J. Vincent
Junior WardenMehmet K. Inal
Sovereign PrinceWilson D. Brott, MSA
Sovereign PrinceRaymond J. Wilson
High PriestStephen R. Striggow
Senior WardenLarry A. Inscho
Junior WardenJohn V. Berry
Sovereign PrinceRobert E. Cooper
High PriestEric D. Russell, MSA
Senior WardenLewis E. Parsell Jr., MSA
Junior WardenScott A. Tavernier
Sovereign PrinceMark L. Newton
High PriestScott E. Sutherland
Rose Croix

Great Lakes Chapter Rose Croix (17°-18°)

The Chapter of Rose Croix confers two Philosophical Degrees. The historical setting of these degrees is within the Christian era but without any prescribed date. Their message is universal; their fellowship may include all men who believe in one Supreme Being whatever their nation, race, or creed.

The 17°—KNIGHT OF THE EAST AND WEST—dramatizes man’s failure to learn from the ages. In the 18°—KNIGHT OF THE ROSE CROIX OF HERODOM—a Knight of the East and West learns that by the aid of three guiding virtues, Faith, Hope, and Charity, he may discover the New Law of Love. The Rose on the Cross typifies the beauty and glory of the New Law incarnate in the lives of men. The degree is deeply religious without any sectarian bias.

Degree Leadership

Most Wise MasterDouglas A. Wolfe, MSA
Senior WardenDaniel I. Hammerberg
Junior WardenJason E. Makinen
Sovereign PrinceWilson D. Brott, MSA
Senior WardenKeith L. Wright, MSA
Junior WardenDon M. Mills, MSA
Most Wise MasterRonald L. Hynds
Senior WardenSteven J. Kinde
Junior WardenGregory C. Dostal
OratorFrederick E. Kaiser Jr., 33°
Most Wise MasterKevin E. Perry
Senior WardenRoy J. Mahany
Junior WardenJustin E. Lovorn
OratorMichael J. Banks
Most Wise MasterChris S. Morgan
Senior WardenAndrew W. Tabor

Michigan Sovereign Consistory (19°-32°)

Fourteen “Traditional”, “Chivalric”, and “Modern” Degrees – from the 19° to the 32° inclusive, are conferred in a Consistory of Sublime Princes of the Royal Secret. Each Degree dramatizes its own unique and independent message and applies it to a familiar life situation.

In the area of morals, certain Consistory Degrees teach the ultimate victory of good over evil, the dignity of labor, the sacredness of duty, and unselfish service as the test of one’s religious professions. A leader of men is taught that he must be righteous if he aspires to influence others and that he should listen, with an open mind, to the lessons of the ages.

In social relations, the Consistory teaches that toleration is respect for the opinions and religious convictions of others; that he who judges others must himself be above reproach; that it is noble to forgive but ignoble to seek revenge; that a Freemason who commits a felony will not be shielded by his brethren; and that he should have faith in himself, in his fellowman, and in God.

In the area of national affairs, the Consistory holds firmly to the separation of Church and State and teaches that treason is a crime over which Masonry casts no mantle of charity. It proclaims that the crowning glory, in any human life, is that sacrificial love which impels one to lay down his life for a friend.

Degree Leadership

Commander-in-ChiefRichard E. Rozman, MSA
1st Lt. CommanderAnthony Giorgianni, MSA
OratorTravis T. Freeman, MSA
Commander-in-ChiefClarence W. Meyer Jr., 33°
1st Lt. CommanderTimothy L. Birch, 33°
2nd Lt. CommanderLarry Seale, 33°
OratorWilliam C. Meyer, 33°
ChancellorJohn H. Challender, MSA
Commander-in-ChiefDirk W. Hughes, 33°
1st Lt. CommanderMark H. Halt, MSA
2nd Lt. CommanderBlair B. Schadler, 33°
OratorBruce G. Rice
Commander-in-ChiefBrian P. Brown
1st Lt. CommanderDavid J. Crosby Jr.