Knights of Saint Andrew

Knights of Saint Andrew Grand Rapids

The Knights of the Order of Saint Andrew, or KSA, is a group of only 32 degrees. The KSA provides critical support to all of the committees of the Valley, assists at events when needed, and promotes active membership in the Valley.  Some examples of what the KSA does include:
  • Provide members to assist all of the Valley’s Committees.
  • Fill in non-speaking parts in degrees.
  • Welcome Visitors and Candidates.
  • Promote Scottish Rite Masonic education.
  • Embrace the Nine Virtues of a Knight of St. Andrew.
  • Serve several roles at special Valley events.
There is no “official” headquarters or central authority of the KSA … no uniform other than the Glengarry.  The attire and regalia vary from one chapter to another. Most chapters have adopted the insignia developed by the Guthrie Chapter (shown here) for their recognition lapel pin and badge.
The Knights of ST. Andrew of Grand Rapids is a limited group, which mean we can only have up to 32 Knights, and 18 Squires for a total of 50 members.
If you are interested in joining you can reach out to any KSA member, the Secretary or the Venerable Master.  We are an invitation only group.
What to provide:
  1. What Blue lodge you belong to.
  2. How long you have been a Master Mason.
  3. What positions you have held.
  4. What other appending bodies you are in.
  5. Basically, tell us about yourself.
If you have any questions, please feel free to email:
We will strive to be a fraternity that fulfills our Masonic Obligation to care for our members.