Medals & Honors

We honor and recognize those Valley of Michigan members that have gone above and beyond in their service to Fraternity, Country, and Humanity. Here you will find a listing of each medal and the recipients thereof. Want to learn more about each of these medals? You can find a full description of each at theĀ Scottish Rite NMJ Medals & Awards

Meritorious Service Award

Meritorious Service Awards Recipients
NameRegionDate of Award
Bernard A HutchinsSouthwestern Region06/14/1980
John J SimmonsSoutheastern Region05/31/1987
Thomas R NaismithSoutheastern Region06/09/1990
Paul E NaismithSoutheastern Region06/15/1991
Dr. Erwin W O’DellSouthwestern Region06/13/1992
Arthur K LaatzSoutheastern Region06/12/1993
Gene Rollin Connor Jr.Upper Region06/12/1993
Jay B HowellSoutheastern Region06/12/1993
Paul C HowellSoutheastern Region06/11/1994
Antonio GarciaSoutheastern Region06/22/1995
Carl D RufusSoutheastern Region06/22/1995
James C LarsonNorthwestern Region06/22/1995
Donald L TrumbullSoutheastern Region06/15/1996
Lloyd W Bartlett Jr.Northeastern Region06/15/1996
William E LevequeUpper Region06/15/1996
Gordon J PetersonUpper Region06/14/1997
Norman L GidcumbNorthwestern Region06/14/1997
Stuart G ShookNortheastern Region06/14/1997
Brent A HelmNortheastern Region06/13/1998
Dean A BarrSoutheastern Region06/13/1998
Gerald W SchwartzNorthwestern Region06/13/1998
John W MatthewsNortheastern Region06/13/1998
Stephen C MattsonUpper Region06/13/1998
Eugene R PeetzNortheastern Region06/12/1999
Tommy R AmidonNortheastern Region06/12/1999
Russel A MarvinNortheastern Region06/10/2000
Dennis D SoucekSouthwestern Region06/09/2001
John KotesSoutheastern Region06/09/2001
Robert F LightNorthwestern Region06/09/2001
Robert L MorrisonUpper Region06/09/2001
Gerald F ThorpNortheastern Region06/15/2002
Ray E VanoverSoutheastern Region06/15/2002
Richard T TestaseccaSoutheastern Region06/15/2002
Ronald J BethuneSoutheastern Region06/15/2002
Ronald J HillUpper Region06/15/2002
Bruce E HaydenSouthwestern Region06/14/2003
Grant S SowaNorthwestern Region06/14/2003
Ivan L Fletcher Jr.Southeastern Region06/14/2003
Michael D ZirkleNortheastern Region06/14/2003
Alan R GrayNorthwestern Region06/12/2004
Charles F DavisSouthwestern Region06/12/2004
Cleatus M DunnSoutheastern Region06/12/2004
John R Vercoe IIIUpper Region06/12/2004
Dr. John H SiegnerNortheastern Region06/11/2005
Serge YeghiazarianSoutheastern Region06/11/2005
Homer G CampbellNorthwestern Region06/17/2006
Larry M GallowaySoutheastern Region06/17/2006
Richard D WisleySoutheastern Region06/17/2006
Roger W TharpSouthwestern Region06/17/2006
William J DoverNortheastern Region06/17/2006
Dennis B SanbornNortheastern Region06/16/2007
Kenneth E CooperNorthwestern Region06/16/2007
Raymond C LemonsSoutheastern Region06/16/2007
Edmund J Cunningham Jr.Northeastern Region06/14/2008
Loren A WinnSoutheastern Region06/14/2008
Fred R Jex PhDSoutheastern Region06/06/2009
Michael R HillUpper Region06/06/2009
Robert P ConleySouthwestern Region06/06/2009
William C StriggowNortheastern Region06/06/2009
Eldon F AultNortheastern Region06/12/2010
John F HansenNorthwestern Region06/12/2010
Richard G WheelerSouthwestern Region06/12/2010
Robert L GoodrichSoutheastern Region06/12/2010
Dean M CrowellSouthwestern Region06/11/2011
William F MooreNortheastern Region06/11/2011
Jerry M ChambersNortheastern Region06/09/2012
John W ThornhillSoutheastern Region06/09/2012
Arthur HublerUpper Region06/08/2013
Craig H MaisonNorthwestern Region06/08/2013
Neal L FogelSoutheastern Region06/08/2013
Hillary P SmoyerSoutheastern Region06/14/2014
Keith L WrightNorthwestern Region06/14/2014
Robert A KindeNortheastern Region06/14/2014
Russell E KelmNorthwestern Region06/14/2014
Trevor M JuntunenUpper Region06/14/2014
Carol R NashSoutheastern Region06/13/2015
Christopher R MillarSouthwestern Region06/13/2015
David S ChampionNorthwestern Region06/13/2015
Don M MillsNorthwestern Region06/13/2015
Harold L GroatSoutheastern Region06/13/2015
Leonard S ElderUpper Region06/13/2015
Louis C McCrayNortheastern Region06/13/2015
Marc H HaltSouthwestern Region06/13/2015
Richard E RozmanUpper Region06/13/2015
Richard G DennisNortheastern Region06/13/2015
Gerald W LyonNortheastern Region06/11/2016
James R Peterman Jr.Southwestern Region06/11/2016
Lewis E Parsell Jr.Southwestern Region06/11/2016
Travis T FreemanUpper Region06/11/2016
Wallace N Usery Jr.Northeastern Region06/11/2016
William T VaillancourtNorthwestern Region06/11/2016
Andrew C MartinNorthwestern Region06/10/2017
Bernard I BrewerSoutheastern Region06/10/2017
Dale E ShinabargerNortheastern Region06/10/2017
David M ParsonsSouthwestern Region06/10/2017
Frederick D MillerSoutheastern Region06/10/2017
James E PeckNortheastern Region06/10/2017
John D HillSouthwestern Region06/10/2017
Robert N EricksonUpper Region06/10/2017
Brian F TothSoutheastern Region06/09/2018
Douglas A WolfeUpper Region06/09/2018
Eric D RussellSouthwestern Region06/09/2018
John D DibbleSouthwestern Region06/09/2018
John H ChallenderNortheastern Region06/09/2018
John H WintersNortheastern Region06/09/2018
Roger D MooreSoutheastern Region06/09/2018
Anthony L LakeNorthwestern Region06/08/2019
Christopher P HokensonUpper Region06/08/2019
James E HawnSoutheastern Region06/08/2019
Joseph Anthony GiorgianniUpper Region06/08/2019
Mark A WhitmanSouthwestern Region06/08/2019
Robert J HeySoutheastern Region06/08/2019
Todd M SchmitzSouthwestern Region06/08/2019
Wilson D BrottNorthwestern Region06/08/2019
Adam D HollowayMarquette08/08/2020
Barrett R EngleMarquette08/08/2020
Donald B FergusonTraverse City08/08/2020
Harry J RodgersTraverse City08/08/2020
Jeffrey S GooderGrand Rapids08/08/2020
Mitchel R PatchkowskiBay City08/08/2020
Richard G StangeGrand Rapids08/08/2020
Robert A MooreDetroit08/08/2020
Robert H KindeBay City08/08/2020
Timothey S MarshbanksDetroit08/08/2020
Bruce G RiceGrand Rapids06/12/2021
Douglas S SimpsonDetroit06/12/2021
Michael H Zimnicki Sr.Detroit06/21/2021
Michael V FinazzoTraverse City06/12/2021
Mitchell R MuddBay City06/12/2021
Royce D MyersGrand Rapids06/12/2021
Timothy D CoheeBay City06/12/2021
Brandon J HuntTraverse City06/11/2022
Douglas S NolandDetroit06/11/2022
George B HelmsGrand Rapids06/11/2022
James C CainMarquette06/11/2022
Richard Hartmann Jr.Grand Rapids06/11/2022
Ronald L HyndsBay City06/11/2022
Ryan L EngleMarquette06/11/2022
Scott L HapworthBay City06/11/2022

33Ā° Sovereign Grand Inspectors

Achieving the 33Ā° is an honor that can be bestowed upon a Scottish Rite Mason. It is not campaigned for. It is granted solely by the Supreme Council. A 33Ā° Mason is a Master Mason who has exhibited knowledge, passion and sacrifice to his craft. The Supreme Council awards the 33Ā° as a way of honoring outstanding and selfless work performed in the Rite or in public life. At its annual session, the Supreme Council elects members of the Rite to receive the degree. Members unanimously so elected become Honorary Members of the Supreme Council.

Congratulations to the Valley of Michigan members who have been elected to receive the 33Ā° in August of 2023 at Louisville, Kentucky.

33Ā° Sovereign Grand Inspectors General Nominees
NameRegionDate ReceivedĀ 
Donald W JoinerSoutheastern Region09/26/1979
William A BellSoutheastern Region09/26/1979
Alan R GrayNorthwestern Region09/25/1985
J R SpykerSouthwestern Region09/25/1985
A Richard AlbrechtNortheastern Region09/24/1986
Leroy R HockingSoutheastern Region09/24/1986
Thomas E SkoogUpper Region09/24/1986
Dr. Erwin W O’DellSouthwestern Region09/30/1987
Gerald F. ThorpĀ Northeastern RegionĀ 09/30/1987
David L AllieUpper Region09/27/1988
John A WallsteadtSouthwestern Region09/27/1988
Ray E VanoverSoutheastern Region09/27/1988
Donald J SmithSouthwestern Region08/29/1989
Dr. Burton P WeisbergSouthwestern Region08/29/1989
Murrel R FrancisSoutheastern Region08/29/1989
Richard H SandsSoutheastern Region08/29/1989
William J DoverNortheastern Region08/29/1989
Dr. Douglas F HegyiSoutheastern Region09/24/1991
Robert W StevensNortheastern Region09/24/1991
Larry M DillonSouthwestern Region09/29/1992
Edgar W StoverSouthwestern Region08/31/1993
Eldon F AultNortheastern Region08/31/1993
George H WilsonSoutheastern Region08/31/1993
William F BetzSoutheastern Region08/31/1993
Charles F BersingerUpper Region09/27/1994
David C DanielsonUpper Region09/27/1994
Gary R ConklinNortheastern Region09/27/1994
Henry A Wilson Jr.Southeastern Region09/27/1994
Robert S HuddyNortheastern Region09/27/1994
Wayne E TurtonSoutheastern Region09/27/1994
Clayton D MoreyNortheastern Region10/03/1995
David A NeffSouthwestern Region10/03/1995
Mitchell R MuddNortheastern Region10/03/1995
Donald B WhitenerNortheastern Region08/27/1996
Ernest BerrySoutheastern Region08/27/1996
Kenneth E LeeSoutheastern Region08/27/1996
Richard C SteeleNortheastern Region08/27/1996
Ronald E RenoSoutheastern Region08/27/1996
Gerald E MillarSouthwestern Region09/23/1997
Raymond E FowlerSoutheastern Region09/23/1997
Robert P HaffnerSoutheastern Region09/23/1997
Russell M HollowayUpper Region09/23/1997
Walter F WheelerSouthwestern Region09/23/1997
Edward L GascoyneSoutheastern Region09/29/1998
Todd A BinszSouthwestern Region09/29/1998
Bruce M SchadlerSouthwestern Region09/28/1999
Clarence W Meyer Jr.Northeastern Region09/28/1999
Donald L CarmanSoutheastern Region09/28/1999
Terrence G WaddellUpper Region09/28/1999
Charles R BirchNortheastern Region09/26/2000
Dennis I Bojrab MDSoutheastern Region09/26/2000
Guy T MoulthropNortheastern Region09/26/2000
Harley J CorbinSoutheastern Region09/26/2000
Mark K OsborneSoutheastern Region09/26/2000
Nicholas H SmithSoutheastern Region09/26/2000
Richard K RappleyeSoutheastern Region09/26/2000
Roger Lee MyersSoutheastern Region09/26/2000
David W CyrusSoutheastern Region09/25/2001
Michael J JungelSouthwestern Region09/25/2001
Raymond C LemonsSoutheastern Region09/25/2001
Richard D ErspamerNortheastern Region09/25/2001
Stanley O SimonsSouthwestern Region09/25/2001
Jerry M ChambersNortheastern Region09/03/2002
John R SniderSoutheastern Region09/03/2002
John W Moore Jr.Southwestern Region09/03/2002
Robert P ConleySouthwestern Region09/03/2002
Stephen C MattsonUpper Region09/03/2002
David M ParsonsSouthwestern Region09/23/2003
Gene Rollin Connor Jr.Upper Region09/23/2003
John R RoweNortheastern Region09/23/2003
Norman L GidcumbNorthwestern Region09/23/2003
Richard T TestaseccaSoutheastern Region09/23/2003
Thomas W CardwellSouthwestern Region09/23/2003
William J JohnsonNortheastern Region09/23/2003
David W SkiendzielNortheastern Region09/21/2004
Dean A BarrSoutheastern Region09/21/2004
John R HegenauerNortheastern Region09/21/2004
Paul R GoosmannSouthwestern Region09/21/2004
Richard W Graves Jr.Southeastern Region09/21/2004
Thomas M RyanUpper Region09/21/2004
Corbin P ElliottSoutheastern Region08/30/2005
David H EddySouthwestern Region08/30/2005
Gustave H RydholmUpper Region08/30/2005
Ira S SlavenSoutheastern Region08/30/2005
Richard D TondaNortheastern Region08/30/2005
Timothy L BirchNortheastern Region08/30/2005
W Don BaugherSouthwestern Region08/30/2005
James H ResauSouthwestern Region08/29/2006
Richard D NewmanNortheastern Region08/29/2006
Robert B DoerrSouthwestern Region08/29/2006
Robert G HelmicNortheastern Region08/29/2006
Donald L MurphySoutheastern Region08/27/2007
Emmett W MillsSoutheastern Region08/27/2007
Gerald W SchwartzNorthwestern Region08/27/2007
Jack EngebretsonSoutheastern Region08/27/2007
James F ClarksonNortheastern Region08/27/2007
John R Vercoe IIIUpper Region08/27/2007
Robert W PateSoutheastern Region08/27/2007
Richard D WisleySoutheastern Region08/26/2008
Robert G MinardNortheastern Region08/26/2008
Timothey S MarshbanksSoutheastern Region08/25/2009
Tommy R AmidonNortheastern Region08/25/2009
William J SaugetSoutheastern Region08/25/2009
David G BoringSoutheastern Region08/31/2010
Dirk W HughesSouthwestern Region08/31/2010
Grant S SowaNorthwestern Region08/31/2010
James W CarlsonNortheastern Region08/31/2010
Michael J StetzSoutheastern Region08/31/2010
Raymond E BashamSoutheastern Region08/31/2010
Ronald W BeebeNortheastern Region08/31/2010
William A RobsonUpper Region08/31/2010
William E LevequeUpper Region08/31/2010
Eugene R PeetzNortheastern Region08/30/2011
Frank T PrariaSouthwestern Region08/30/2011
Harold A RiggieNortheastern Region08/30/2011
Jacob E Hayrynen Jr.Upper Region08/30/2011
James C LarsonNorthwestern Region08/30/2011
Jeffrey A KeehnSouthwestern Region08/30/2011
Justin F KrasnoffSoutheastern Region08/30/2011
Kenneth E CooperNorthwestern Region08/30/2011
Ronald J BethuneSoutheastern Region08/30/2011
George M MerkleUpper Region09/17/2011
Donald E BuxtonSoutheastern Region08/28/2012
Loren A WinnSoutheastern Region08/28/2012
Roger A JuntunenUpper Region08/28/2012
Howard H Crumit Jr.Southeastern Region08/20/2013
Paul N CrossSoutheastern Region08/20/2013
Ronald J HillUpper Region08/20/2013
William F MinchSouthwestern Region08/20/2013
Alistair R McNabSouthwestern Region09/01/2015
Christopher J FildesSoutheastern Region09/01/2015
Frederick E Kaiser Jr.Northeastern Region09/01/2015
James L MelbySoutheastern Region09/01/2015
Michael R HillUpper Region09/01/2015
William C MeyerNortheastern Region09/01/2015
Clarence D GrantUpper Region08/29/2017
Fred R Jex PhDSoutheastern Region08/29/2017
Larry K Seale DDSNortheastern Region08/29/2017
Mark A ManningSouthwestern Region08/29/2017
Robert A KlawieterSouthwestern Region08/29/2017
William R FinkelSoutheastern Region08/29/2017
Blair B SchadlerSouthwestern Region08/27/2019
Curt D IngersollSouthwestern Region08/27/2019
Walter M Lazar IISoutheastern Region08/27/2019
John D. HillSouthwestern Region08/31/2021
John P. KilbourneSoutheastern RegionĀ 08/31/2021
Lawrence J. LeibSoutheastern Region08/31/2021
Richard P. RuhlandSoutheastern RegionĀ 08/31/2021
Andrew C. MartinNorthwestern Region08/31/2021
Christopher S. MorganSoutheastern RegionĀ 08/31/2021
Craig H. MaisonNorthwestern Region08/31/2021
Keith L. WrightNorthwestern RegionĀ 08/31/2021
Marc H. HaltSouthwestern Region08/31/2021
Robert O. TroutmanSoutheastern Region08/31/2021
Stephen R. StriggowNortheastern Region08/31/2021
Travis T. FreemanUpper Region08/31/2021