Michigan Council of Deliberation

Meetings and Commanders-in-Chief of the
Michigan Council of Deliberation

1-6Dec1867/Jun1875DetroitDavid Burnham Tracy, 33o
7-10May 1878-82DetroitDavid Burnham Tracy, 33o
11Jun 24, 1884DetroitDavid Burnham Tracy, 33o
12May 11, 1885DetroitDavid Burnham Tracy, 33o
13May 14, 1888Grand RapidsAbraham Tolles Metcalf, 33o
14May 18, 1891DetroitHugh McCurdy, 33o
15May 14, 1894KalamazooHugh McCurdy, 33o
16May 22, 1895SaginawHugh McCurdy, 33o
17May 18, 1896Grand RapidsHugh McCurdy, 33o
18May 17, 1897DetroitHugh McCurdy, 33o
19January 22, 1900DetroitHugh McCurdy, 33o
20January 20, 1903DetroitHugh McCurdy, 33
21May 21, 1906Grand RapidsHugh McCurdy, 33
22March 2, 1909DetroitWilliam C. Maybury, 33
23June 7, 1909DetroitWilliam C. Maybury, 33
24May 23, 1910SaginawJohn Jay Carton, 33o
25July 2, 1912Flint John Jay Carton, 33o
26May 24, 1915Bay CityJohn Jay Carton, 33o  
27May 27, 1918Grand RapidsJohn Jay Carton, 33o 
28May 23, 1921Battle CreekJohn Jay Carton, 33o 
29May 26, 1924Flint John Jay Carton, 33o 
30May 11, 1927Bay CityJohn Jay Carton, 33o 
31May 26, 1930JacksonJohn Jay Carton, 33o 
32May 22, 1933LansingJohn Jay Carton, 33o 
33June 16, 1936Grand RapidsLou Barney Winsor, 33o
34May 8, 1937DetroitGeorge Edward Bushnell, 33o
35May 10, 1938Bay CityGeorge Edward Bushnell, 33o
36May 19, 1939KalamazooGeorge Edward Bushnell, 33o 
37December 5, 1940DetroitGeorge Edward Bushnell, 33o
38November 8, 1941Bay CityGeorge Edward Bushnell, 33o 
39October 10, 1942Grand RapidsGeorge Edward Bushnell, 33o 
40February 15, 1946DetroitGeorge Edward Bushnell, 33o 
41May 24, 1947MarquetteGeorge Edward Bushnell, 33o 
42October 28, 1948Bay CityGeorge Edward Bushnell, 33o 
43November 8, 1949DetroitGeorge Edward Bushnell, 33o 
44October 16, 1950Grand RapidsGeorge Edward Bushnell, 33o 
45May 24, 1952MarquetteGeorge Edward Bushnell, 33o 
46June 14, 1955Bay CityClyde Alvin Fulton, 33o
47June 9, 1956Grand RapidsClyde Alvin Fulton, 33o
48June 15, 1957DetroitClyde Alvin Fulton, 33o 
49June 14, 1958MarquetteClyde Alvin Fulton, 33o 
50June 13, 1959Bay CityClyde Alvin Fulton, 33o 
51June 4, 1960Grand RapidsClyde Alvin Fulton, 33o
52June 17, 1961DetroitClyde Alvin Fulton, 33o 
53June 16, 1962MarquetteClyde Alvin Fulton, 33o 
54June 15, 1963Bay CityClyde Alvin Fulton, 33o 
55June 13, 1964Grand RapidsClyde Alvin Fulton, 33o 
56June 12, 1965DetroitClyde Alvin Fulton, 33o 
57June 11, 1966Flint  Clyde Alvin Fulton, 33o 
58June 10, 1967MarquetteClyde Alvin Fulton, 33o 
59June 15, 1968Grand RapidsClyde Alvin Fulton, 33o 
60June 14, 1969Grand RapidsClyde Alvin Fulton, 33o 
61June 13, 1970DetroitClyde Alvin Fulton, 33o 
62June 12, 1971Bay CityClyde Alvin Fulton, 33o 
63June 17, 1972MarquetteClyde Alvin Fulton, 33o 
64June 9, 1973Grand RapidsJames Orville Lunsford, 33o
65June 15, 1974Traverse CityJames Orville Lunsford, 33o 
66June 14, 1975Traverse CityJames Orville Lunsford, 33o 
67June 12, 1976Traverse CityJames Orville Lunsford, 33o 
68June 11, 1977Traverse CityJames Orville Lunsford, 33o 
69June 10, 1978Traverse CityJames Orville Lunsford, 33o 
70June 9, 1979Traverse CityJames Orville Lunsford, 33o 
71June 14, 1980Traverse CityGeorge Edgar Gullen, Jr., 33o
72June 13, 1981Traverse CityGeorge Edgar Gullen, Jr., 33o 
73June 12, 1982MarquetteCarl C. Worfel (Acting), 33o
74June 11, 1983SouthfieldCarl Calhoun Worfel, 33o
75June 9, 1984Alpena    Carl Calhoun Worfel, 33o
76June 15, 1985Grand RapidsCarl Calhoun Worfel, 33o
77June 14, 1986Bellaire Carl Calhoun Worfel, 33o 
78June 13, 1987MarquetteCarl Calhoun Worfel, 33o 
79June 11, 1988SouthfieldCarl Calhoun Worfel, 33o 
80June 10, 1989Midland  Carl Calhoun Worfel, 33o 
81June 9, 1990Grand RapidsRobert Henry Sale, 33o
82June 15, 1991GraylingRobert Henry Sale, 33o 
83June 13, 1992Traverse CityRobert Henry Sale, 33o
84June 12, 1993MarquetteRobert Henry Sale, 33o 
85June 11, 1994Grand TraverseRobert Norman Osborne, 33o
86June 10, 1995BellaireRobert Norman Osborne, 33o
87June 15, 1996CedarRobert Norman Osborne, 33o   
88June 14, 1997ThompsonvilleRobert Norman Osborne, 33
89June 13, 1998GaylordRobert Norman Osborne, 33o
90June 12, 1999BellaireRobert Norman Osborne, 33
91June 10, 2000Mackinac IslandRobert Norman Osborne, 33
92June 9, 2001ThompsonvilleRobert Norman Osborne, 33
93June 14, 2002Grand RapidsRobert Norman Osborne, 33o
94June 14, 2003GaylordErwin Wesley O’Dell, 33
95June 12, 2004BellaireErwin Wesley O’Dell, 33
96June 11, 2005Bay CityErwin Wesley O’Dell, 33o                    
97June 17, 2006LansingErwin Wesley O’Dell, 33
98June 16, 2007MarquetteErwin Wesley O’Dell, 33o   
100June 6, 2009Bay CityErwin Wesley O’Dell, 33°
101June 12, 2010Bay CityDavid Rodney Bedwell, Sr., 33°
102June 11, 2011BellaireDavid Rodney Bedwell, Sr., 33°
103June 9, 2012Bay CityDavid Rodney Bedwell, Sr., 33°
104June 8, 2013FrankenmuthDavid Rodney Bedwell, Sr., 33°
105June 14, 2014GaylordDavid Rodney Bedwell, Sr., 33°
106June 13, 2015AlmaDavid Rodney Bedwell, Sr., 33°
107June 11, 2016BellaireDavid Rodney Bedwell, Sr., 33°
108June 10, 2017Grand RapidsWalter Francis Wheeler, 33°
109June 9, 2018AlmaWalter Francis Wheeler, 33°
110June 8, 2019AlmaWalter Francis Wheeler, 33°
111August 8, 2020VirtualWalter Francis Wheeler, 33°
112June 11, 2021BellaireWalter Francis Wheeler, 33°
113June 11, 2022DearbornWalter Francis Wheeler, 33°