Ladies of the Rite

The Purpose of Ladies of the Rite is: A social club to connect Ladies within Scottish Rite masonry. To inspire and pursue a sisterhood with common enthusiasms, ideas, activities, enrichment and to own their right to have a good time. The structure, as well as the ceremonies and events, are set up to let the Ladies of the Rite enjoy the bonds of sisterhood with social enjoyment, entertainment, amusement, and simply have a good time. There are no formal dues and no formal business meetings. Just shoes in a variety of styles. Your shoes will be presented to you at the first Ladies of the Rite Event you attend. Any proceeds from shoe sales will go to the White Flower Society. The White Flower Society is a fund dedicated to helping Masonic widows in need. Women form strong bonds of friendship and support through Freemasonry, and this fund provides a safety net to your extended Masonic family.